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topographyAddy topography.jpg
Is the part of the land like mountains, deserts, or rivers.
A map that shows topography would have mountains, deserts, rivers, etc.
vegetationAddy vegetation.jpg
Is plants, trees,and grasses in a place.
Lots of vegetation is important to support civilizations.
deltaAddy delta.jpg
Is the mouth of the river where there is more fertile land to plant crops.
If I lived in ancient Egypt I would want to live near the delta for good farming.
papyrusAddy papyrus.jpg
Is a tough water plant to make paper and rope.
Ancient people used papyrus to make paper and rope.
social pyramidaddy social pyramid.jpg
The levels of wealth and property.
A drawing of a pyramid that shows each level of how much each level gets of power and property.
statusaddy status.jpg
The levels of places in a social pyramid.
vizieraddy vizier.jpg
The government.
A high-ranking government official.
afterlifeaddy afterlife.jpg
After you die.
A place were you go after you die and you live there forever.
hieroglyphaddy hieroglyphics.jpg
A symbol to represent something.
A symbol used in hieroglyphics, a system of writing developed in about 3,00 B.C.E.
kandakeaddy kandake.jpg
A female ruler.
A powerful female ruler who co-ruled Kush with her husband and sons.
Addy  nomad.jpg
Is a person who doesn't have a permanent home.
Nomads herded animals in ancient Egypt in search of food.
HebrewsAddy herbrews.jpg
Are people who are Jewish and they were slaves to the Ancient Egyptians and escaped.
The Jews lived in Ancient Egypt and the Egyptians didn't like them so the were their slaves.
TorahAddy torah.jpg
A Torah is the Jewish bible.
The Torah is the first five books of the Jewish Bible.
AbrahamAddy Abraham.jpg
God told Abraham to kill his son and he asked why and God said just do it. God was testing his faith and then God sent an angel to stop him.
Was the leader who led the Hebrews from Mesopotamia to Canaan.
MosesAddy Moses.jpg
Moses asked God to help get the Jews across the Red Sea.
Was a Hebrew leader who led his people out of slavery in Egypt and brought Judaism its fundamental laws, the Ten Commandments.
King David
Addy King David.jpg
Was a Hebrew leader who led his people out of slavery in Egypt and brought Judaism its fundamental laws, the Ten Commandments.
Was the Hebrew king who establishes Jerusalem as a holy city.
Solomon Addy Soloman.jpg
Was a king for the Jews and build the first great temple.
Was the Hebrew king who built Jerusalem's first great temple; son of King David
convenantAddy Covenant.jpg
An agreement with someone.
An agreement or promise.
external image Family_tree_-_male_patrilineal_descendants_of_Gu%C3%B0r%C3%B8%C3%B0r_%C3%93l%C3%A1fsson_%28d._1187%29.svg
A girl or boy who is related to you and is younger then you.
A daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, and so on.
sacrificeAddy sacrifice.jpg
Giving up something for something else.
A gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods.
Addy prophet.jpg
a person who speaks to God.
a person who speaks or interprets for God to the other people.
external image chumbunt.gif
a terrible thing affecting others.
a terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment.
ExodusAddy exodus.jpg
an escape from an enemy to freedom.
the escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery.
Ten CommandmentsAddy Ten Commandments.jpg
the ten laws of the Jewish religion.
the ten laws said to be given to Moses by God.
Sabbathaddy sabbath.jpg
to worship during the Jewish holiday from the Ten Commandments.
the seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship, according to one of the Ten Commandments.
Ark of the CovenantAddy Ark of Covenant.jpg
a chest containing the Ten Commandments written on stone tablets congaing the Jewish laws.
the chest containing the Ten Commandments, written on stone tablets, that the Hebrews carried with them during their wanderings after their flight from the Egypt.