Define the wiki term in your own words.
Use the word in a sentence that shows you understand the word.
nomadAlex O. stock-photo-nomad-120313630.jpg
A person who moves alot
Hey look its a NOMAD.
HebrewAlex O. stock-vector-star-of-david-and-israel-word-in-hebrew-93732697.jpg
A society of people with the same religion.
I have seen HEBREWS.
TorahAlex O. stock-photo-torah-is-72222394.jpg
A religious book.
I have seen someone read the TORAH.
AbrahamAlex O. stock-photo-abraham-sacrificing-isaac-66065581.jpg
The founder of the jewish religion.
My dad's middle name is ABRAHAM.
MosesAlex O. stock-photo-escape-from-egypt-72087739.jpg
An important Jewish leader.
MOSES is one of the greatest leaders of the Hebrews.
King DavidAlex O. stock-photo-king-david-by-adamo-tadolini-on-the-base-of-the-colonna-dell-immacolata-rome-italy-86557216.jpg
A king who ruled Cannan.
KING DAVID created a united kingdom.
SolomonAlex O. stock-photo-solomon-picture-from-the-holy-scriptures-old-and-new-testaments-books-collection-published-in-97585991.jpg
A king who ruled Cannan.
SOLOMON built a temple.

convenantAlex O. stock-photo-agreement-covenant-952405.jpg
An agreement or promise.
I have had a CONVENANT with someone before.
descendantsAlex O. stock-photo-portrait-of-a-happy-family-smiling-at-home-98814044.jpg
A daughter, son, grandson, or grandaughter.
I have a lot of DESCENDANTS.
sacrificeAlex O. stock-photo-typical-kurbani-cattle-market-in-bangladesh-88452007.jpg
A gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods.
A lot of people made a SACRIFICE in their life.
A person who speaks or inteprets for God to other people.
I know a PROPHET.
plagueAlex O. stock-photo-the-plague-of-darkness-strikes-egypt-picture-from-the-holy-scriptures-old-and-new-testaments-97720364.jpg
A terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment.
Many people have experienced PLAGUE before
ExodusAlex O. stock-photo-moses-parting-the-red-sea-75597013.jpg
The escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery.
EXODUS was a big part of Hebrew history.
Ten CommandmentsAlex O. stock-photo-the-ten-commandments-carved-in-a-stone-81936472.jpg
The 10 laws said to be given to Moses by God.
The TEN COMMANDMENTS are the laws of Hebrew life.
SabbathAlex O. stock-photo-jerusalem-october-an-unidentified-jewish-man-in-prayer-at-the-olive-mountain-during-jewish-76412530.jpg
The seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship, according to one of the 10 Commandments.
I have done SABBATH with my friend before.
Ark of CovenantAlex O. stock-photo--d-rendering-of-the-ark-of-the-covenant-as-described-in-the-bible-112585418.jpg
The chest containing the 10 Commandments, written on stone tablets, that the Hebrew carried with them during their wanderings after their flight from Egypt.
I have seen pictures of the ARK OF COVENANT before.
ChristianityAlex O. stock-vector-happy-easter-day-good-friday-gold-cross-on-sun-rays-on-sky-blue-bokeh-circles-and-blurred-121864303.jpg
The religion based on the life and techings of Jesus Christ.
My religion is CHRISTIANITY.
JesusAlex O. stock-photo-jesus-christ-on-the-cross-with-clouds-54629332.jpg
A man who lived from about 6 B.C.E. to 27 C.E. and whose life and teachings Christianity is based. Christians refer to him as Jesus Christ.
JESUS is the messiah.
MessiahAlex O. stock-vector-person-praying-with-cross-in-hand-concept-of-a-devout-christian-worshiping-christ-103103960.jpg
A savior that many Jews believed had been promised by God.
I believe Jesus is the MASSIAH.
GospelsAlex O. stock-photo-big-book-holy-bible-isolated-on-white-background-110561531.jpg
An account of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
4 of Jesus' followers wrote the GOSPELS.
disciplesAlex O. stock-photo-victorian-stained-glass-window-depicting-jesus-christ-with-his-disciples-on-a-boat-on-the-sea-of-74009548.jpg
A person who helps spread the religious teachings of another.
Jesus is a DISCIPLE.
parableAlex O. stock-vector-finding-a-treasure-71040919.jpg
A simple story that explains a moral or religious teaching.
The gospels is a PARABLE.
missionary Alex O. stock-photo-elderly-woman-reading-bible-in-the-garden-19427776.jpg
Someone who tries to persuade others to believe in his or her religious teachings.
Muhammed is a MISSIONARY.
MuhammedAlex O. stock-photo-the-dome-of-the-rock-39064111.jpg
He spread the faith of Islam.
MUHAMMED is the founder of Islamic faith.
MonotheismAlex O. stock-vector-star-of-david-12174367.jpg
People who only believe in one god.
PolytheismAlex O. stock-photo-triumph-of-dionysus-and-the-seasons-sarcophagus-22187728.jpg
People who believe in many gods.
AllahAlex O. stock-vector-secrets-is-no-god-but-god-and-mohammad-is-his-prophet-116772436.jpg
The one and only god Islam's believe in.
The God Islam's believe in is ALLAH.
caliphAlex O. stock-photo-roman-bridge-and-mosque-of-cordoba-90925823.jpg
A title taken by Islamic rulers such as the Turkish sultans that asserts religious authority to rule, derived from that of Muhammad

Qu'ranAlex O. stock-photo-koran-holy-book-of-muslims-in-the-turkish-mosque-118969351.jpg
People read prayers and stories out of this book.
The holy book of Islamic is the QU'RAN.