1.Complete the Geo-Challenge for either Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

2. Complete the Kids Discover magazine packet for either Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome.

3. Watch a video about your civilization on United Streaming ..... and complete the note page to ensure that you begin to find evidence that this civilization has the 7 characteristics of a civilization outlined in Chapter 5 of History Alive: The Ancient World.

User Name: derbystudent
Password: dragons

Ancient Greece: Living History: Living in Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome: Living History: Living in the Roman Empire

Here is how you are going to set up your own Wiki Page for you/your partner to
store/showcase your project.......

1. Log into our wiki page.

2. Create a new page --- name it partner #1's first name + partner #2's first name +Ancient Greece/Rome
--- tag it Greece or Rome
--- use template Ancient World Final Project Template

3. Save page

4. As you complete each piece of your project, upload it, embed it, or link it to your wiki page.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Greece