Fantasy Novel Book Trailers.....

1. Create your Animoto Book Trailer.
2. Once it is created you will need to find/get the embed code and copy it.
3. Come to this page and edit page (come see me). Put the cursor in the area UNDER your novel title.
4. Click on Widget.... Video.... Other.... paste the embed code.
5. Under your Widget, please put you and your partner's [[#|first names]] and last [[#|initials]].
6. [[#|Save]] Page.

A Wrinkle in Time

Jeremy and Nathan

Brendan I, Merek, and Anita

The Magician's Nephew

Sophie Ts. and Alexis M.

Liam W and Urich N

Miles F.

Michael and Gray

Artemis Fowl

Karis and Kasey

Miles T. and Ari

Tommy B, Suleiman K, Joe W

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

Richie and Harper

Adin and Brody

Alex Drake And Nick

Brendan, G., Chad F., and Reilly M.

Gabe W.

Ella Enchanted

Hannah L, Molly B.

Bella R. and Grace

Lilli Claire and Caroline


The Secret of Platform 13

Shayna, Kelly, and Tatum