The Road to the White House 2012

The Presidential Election will take place on November 6, 2012. During social studies over the next few weeks we will be learning a little more about the election process, spending a little time getting to know the key candidates from 5 of the major United States political parties, and learning about each candidate's views on some major issues in this year's election. This mini-unit will conclude with a Westerlund-Gilmore Presidential Election on Monday, November 5, 2012. How will our votes stack up with the country's votes?????

Who are the 44 Presidents that have called themselves White House Residents????
Enjoy this Flocabulary-style rap of all 44 U.S. Presidents.

School House Rock
Presidential Minute

The Electoral CollegeIs this important???

Current Candidates from the 5 major political parties in the United States

The Constitution PartyVirgil GoodeVirgil Goode.jpg

The Democratic PartyBarack Obama
Barack Obama.jpg

The Green PartyJill Stein

The Libertarian PartyGary JohnsonGary Johnson.jpg

The Republican PartyMitt Romney
Mitt Romney.jpg

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