Capstone Project: The Rights of Children Around the World

You will be using the following essential questions to guide you as you read your Cultural Novel and work on the social studies capstone project throughout the year.


How does where a child lives impact her/her well being/quality of life?

What are the factors that contribute to the treatment of children around the world?

How are the rights of children abided by in various parts of the world?

Problem/Solution Essay Websites:

Beatrice's Goat:

Meets 60 minutes:

UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child:

Iqbal: Freedom Hero:

Iqbal: Freedom Hero

Carpet Slaves: Child Labor in Pakistan

Free the Children

A worldwide mission of kids helping kids

CBS 60 Minutes--- Sunday November 25, 2012
At age 12, Craig Kielburger set out the change the world. Now, 17 years later and with 2 million volunteers, he's still at it.

Learn more about Free the Children at

Cultural Novel Choices:

PreReading Activity:

CIA World Fact Book

World Book Encyclopdia----link on Derby Media Center home page

Culture Grams

Chu Ju's House

The Clay Marble

The Breadwinner

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