The Watsons go to Birmingham---1963
Now that you have read about the Watsons’ interesting drive to Birmingham, Alabama, it is time to plot their travels on Google Earth from one character’s point of view. Which character will you choose????

Here are the directions to the assignment:)

external image msword.png
external image msword.png

In order to upload you and your partner's Google Earth project, you will need to do the following.......

1. Now, save it to your H: drive and upload to the Watsons go to Birmingham --- 1963 Wiki page. First, you will need to right click on the audio tour icon under your folder. Then go to “Save Place As”---- be sure you are in your H:drive and name it the same name as it was in Google Earth and hit save.

2. Create a new page.

3. Title it you and your partner's 1st names Google Earth Project.

4. Tag it Watsons Google Earth.

5. Create the page.

6. Using the file icon, upload the file from your H:drive.

7. Save page.